The Journey Begins

With so many things that happened during the last few months, with so many feelings that have been discovered and lived I couldn’t not notice how different I have become. We live in a world where everything connects to everything and that means now I am able to say that every decision I took in the past ten years lead to the person I am today. Even though it wasn’t that clear when I was searching my way, feeling completely lost, despite everything I would have done differently now, when I know, I think I am on the right path.


It might seem to you that the headline of the article doesn’t quite match the content. But it does, perfectly. I cannot imagine more suitable moment to finally start fulfilling my dreams than this particular moment. Not in a month, not in a week, not even tomorrow, but now. That is the reason I am starting this lovely light-hearted blog about traveling, yoga and other joys of life.


I believe you will fall in love with this corner of the Internet as much as I did.


Happy readings!


Your Wicked and Clever