The Garbage Outbreak

Next time you will take a beautiful spring walk, no matter if you’re heading towards your favorite forest or you’re walking along the path between those romantic fields of any kind of crop, you may try to take a plastic bag for garbage and a pair of gloves. I bet you will find them useful.

Few months back I just tried to take only one plastic bag as we went for a walk to Klanovice forest, the nicest piece of nature of the east bottom of Prague. To my great surprise, I managed to make it full in only three minutes. I was picking up garbage out of the one of the small pools naturally occurring along the railway heading from Prague to Kolín and further to Brno and Ostrava. This particular heap of clutter was making me angry for months, as I saw it every day from a window of a train which I’m taking to get to school and work. I was removing glass bottles left after someone drunk their beer, tins left after someone else finished their energy drink and uncompressed PET bottles, not only from the tiny pool but also from around the place which serves also as a stop for the tourists and the visitors of the forest.


It was a sad picture as I saw it in the first moment. But then I realized we all can improve such a state of ignorant, selfish and unsustainable way of handling with nature. If you belong among those who are alarmed and angry of the garbage pollution you see no matter where you go, there is just little effort you need to make to make things better: You can notice your surroundings on your way to work, to school or just when you are taking a walk and invest just a few minutes to pick up the garbage someone shamelessly decided to just throw away. The feeling that you made a difference is definitely worth the effort. Plus – there is always a chance someone will be inspired of your work and this way you will help to spread such a wonderful habit.


My message for others, who throw away whatever they want to no matter where, is: If you really really need to buy the thing, you should make sure the garbage will end up in the right garbage can. This planet isn’t borrowed so don’t behave as a slob.


#trashhero #wecandoittogether


The green bag was mine. I made it full in just a three minutes.
The most difficult task: To get the bottle out of the middle of the pool.
But success was mine!