The Positive Diary #1 – Affordable healthy vegan food

19th September 2018 – As a result of fighting my own demons, two months back I started to write something I call the positive diary. In the name of practicing gratitude and also because I finally purchased the super cute and super expensive note book I was spying on for a while, I decided I will put in there only kind and loving words, flashes of happiness I experience on a daily basis but in the darkest times I tend to forget about them. The plan is simple: Once the demons come out again, I can grab these notes and try to remember that there is plenty of good and life-worthy things in my everyday life.


And, as I was thinking about it more deeply, with seeing the rise of a movement advocating for mental health and for not being ashamed of mental health condition on the Instagram (no matter if the talks are about OCD – try @unfollowanxiety of my precious friend Michelle, who has come already a long way and fought already a long fight, or about fighting depressions – you can try the very honest @fightingdepressionswithphoto profile) I thought it would be nice to share this idea on my blog. Even though I am well aware that only a positive mindset cannot fight such a terrible demon we encounter so often, I believe it can still have a big impact.


Therefore, I am here today with the very first note of my online positive diaries.


Today, I wanted to talk about being a vegan in 21stcentury.


I was thinking about it during my today’s breakfast. Firstly, I was mad for some reason. I didn’t really feel to eat the healthy breakfast I prepared, the coffee wasn’t done yet and I have already managed to bath both of our dogs therefore I was getting very hungry and very impolite. But when I tried my breakfast – it was sliced banana and plums with oat flakes and soya yogurt, just for the record – I realized how grateful I should be that I can enjoy this breakfast even though I avoid eating dairy products.


Nowadays we have all we want and all we need within arm’s reach, so we might take it for granted. But I remember quite clearly that when my brother had this terrifying allergy on milk and eggs as a toddler there weren’t as many options for him to eat as there are today. As a student of social and cultural ecology, I realize how gigantic price we as the world pay for this abundance and despite that, or maybe just because of that, we should be thankful for being able to buy almond milk, soya yogurt, vegan cheese but also plenty of unprocessed food from which we can make our homemade treats.


So today I am very grateful for being able to afford healthy, nutritious and compassionate food every day, without harming animals and while contributing to the global climate change slightly less.


What are you grateful for today? 🙂 Let me know in the comment section or on my Instagram or Facebook Page.


Have an amazing rest of your day!


Your Wicked and Clever