The Positive Diary #5 – Ability to learn new languages

25th September 2018 – Let me tell you a story about one of my lovely friends. You have actually already heard about her here several times. She is this almost mysterious, sweet, heart-equipped human being, fragile but always fighting. I haven’t seen her almost for a year by now but we are still having this small but very important discussions about life with the use of our iPhones. These talks always help me to realize certain things in their whole weight and size. Even today I came to realize something I was thinking about for some time.

And that is of course the reason why today I want to talk about our ability to learn foreign languages.

As you might have already noticed, I am a Czech native speaker who developed her English language skills into the point you can see here, on my Instagram and in my new video on YouTube. As such, I realized I’m not quite the same person when I use one language or the other. There are simply some things I would never dare to say in Czech but in English it feels almost natural to me to say them. And that includes dreaming big, telling people how special they are and also the love and respect we should give to ourselves.

Therefore, I am grateful today for our ability to learn and speak foreign languages. With learning one, we accept the rythm of its sentences and the laws of its grammar, we absorb it into our DNA and we let the language smoothly change our perspective of the world, of our dreams and even of ourselves. By learning single one foreign language I’m able to live two separate lives. And I will bet that if I would start to speak fluent a third language, I would be able to live three.

What are your “other languages”? Have you experienced this effect too? And which languagues do you plan to learn for way too long but you actually never had the time to do it?

I hope one day I will have a life as a Spanish person as well. And until then I will be grateful for living in the era in which knowledge is accessible within my arms reach.

Have a wonderful evening!


Wicked And Clever