Bohemian Wanders: Krkonoše Treetop Trail

Those who travel to Czech Republic are usually mostly attracted by places like the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the city of Český Krumlov or maybe the Karlštejn Castle. If you have more than just a few days to stay when visiting Czech Republic though, there are many other places you should give a try.

In a new video I posted today on YouTube, you can see one of our summer trips during our vacation in Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic. I have to say that the lady at the ticket office seemed to be quite strict when she didn’t allow us to take a small chihuahua in a bag with us and that made my stay there tiny bitter. And as you will learn in the video, I honestly expected little bit more than what we’ve got, basically because there were so many people talking about this new popular kind of lookout towers.

But I don’t want to be only negative for sure. There are plenty reasons why you might want to visit the place as we did. Firstly, the building and its structure is very unusual and in a playful mood you can find yourself enjoying just the way it all works together. The informational stops are definitely interesting and even though they are not thorough or packed with knowledge, they plant a seed of a doubt and start to question the way we usually think about forests and wood. There is also hidden world of soil and roots at the basement of the tower itself and even here you can find and learn many new interesting things.

The tower is open every day except on the 24thDecember, therefore you can visit the place at any time you will. Like I said at the beginning, the place isn’t very pet friendly, so you might want to leave you dogs at home. It could destroy the whole trip as one of you would have to wait outside with the dog. The easiest way to get to the tower, which is situated in Janské Lázně town, is by a car. You can also go by a bus but you will have to change to another bus at least once during the three hour way from Prague.

While being in Krkonoše, especially when you are not a ski lover or when you are visiting during the summer, the treetop trail is one of the most attractive places to visit, despite the high entrance prices. I believe that if you won’t follow the hype around it and if you will leave your pets at home, it can be a decent experience.

Have you already been there? Are you planning to go?

Let me know what your opinion is and have a great time!