The Ireland Trip: Remembering the First Time Flying

So, it has been a whole year since two broke (and broken) friends wanted to visit Dublin on budget. The life has shifted for me upside down since that, twice, actually, and now I can finally live my happy life. I realized this morning that despite the wonderful trip with one of my best friends to this charming country filled with magic, I never wrote a thing about how it actually felt to be in Dublin, to walk above the Cliffs of Moher and to actually taste a cider in one of the most famous pubs in the world with Irish musicians playing in the background (and foreground, damn, they were pretty loud!^^). 

And when is the better time to dive in than in the moments we only dare to dream about being able to travel again, freely? 

So, let’s jump in, shall we?

The trip with my friend Janča was special to me in advance for several reasons. First of all, I never flew on board of a plane. Second, I never went anywhere abroad just with my friends. And third, just a few months before the trip I regained my freedom after years after I had quit one long, energy- and soul-consuming relationship, and in Dublin I was supposed to taste the real freedom for the first time. Also, Janča is pretty badass so there were no doubts that this vacation is gonna be epic.

Everyone was asking me if I am scared of flying. Maybe that was the only logical explanation to them for a 27-years-old girl who never flew anywhere. The answer is no. I am not scared of flying although the procedures you have to endure on the airport felt always too complicated to me. So, I guess I was always slightly scared because of the bureaucracy and I knew that flying for the first time would be much more comfortable with someone who knows what to do and not with someone who never flew too and who would have to be forced to go with me in the first place (ehm, ehm, you remember that relationship I mentioned above, right?^^).

I was so lucky that this wish could come true thanks to Janča. Not only she is an experienced traveler and seeing new locations is her true passion, she also used to work at the airport back then, so she knew and understood everything perfectly. And not only that, she was willing to explain everything to me, the traveling noob by her side.

Thanks to my friend, I didn’t have to worry about much, the controls were smooth, and she always knew who is going to want to see what. It felt crazy to me, but she was obviously on her own playground. That is why I was able to enjoy the flying part itself, of course, sitting next to a window so I could stare outside on the clouds beneath us for the whole time of the flight.

The experience of flying felt unbelievable. I remember I wrote on my Instagram: “The take-off feels like falling in love. This shimmering in your stomach that can be addictive. And all those objects you see as the plane gets above the clouds – other planes, clouds, cities, rivers and wait – is that a sea? Where did the impossible sun go? You are almost touching the edge of the universe here.” See? Incredible.

When we started to land down and I saw the lights of the city in the dark, I felt extremely lucky for the whole journey I had to take to get myself into this moment (still unaware of my personal journey ahead, but ignorance is a bliss, ain’t it?). I remember also feeling totally disoriented as I didn’t even know from which direction we came. 

It was a funny experience.