Positive Diary #22 – Taking chances

6th January 2021 – With the old year gone and the new one already coming into bloom, I feel like there is so many possibilities unfolding for me that it sometimes confuses me. I would like to do and achieve so many things! But when and how do I start?

Two days back, I decided to do a nice dancing workout for myself in our former living room. Fifty minutes of jumping, dancing, singing and yelling unleashed some amount of energy! And as I was dancing there and trying to repeat some of the steps, which I remembered from the proper dance classes, I realized a truth for which not only I remain grateful until this very moment, it also fills me with wisdom and hope for accomplishing my dreams. 

The wisdom is – take a chance if you have one!

It might seem obvious, but we are usually too careful and comfortable or maybe scared to take a leap of faith and pursue our goals, dreams or even just hobbies. As I was dancing in the living room, I realized I remember some of the steps from the classes I took before corona happened. And I felt suddenly really grateful for investing this time in myself and actually learning something new. 

At the same time, I regretted that me and my partner weren’t able to take a dance class for couples as we indented to at the beginning of last year. We actually never booked it but even if we had, it would have been cancelled due to the coronavirus anyway. So, I promised myself that the first moment we will be able to sign up for the class, we will. No “one day”, no “next month”, “next year” and not even in “next life”. I cannot genuinely wait!

The same thing can be said about anything. Especially when we have to face our fears or greatest demons. For me, it was also true about an ending of a dysfunctional relationship; about ending of yet another dysfunctional relationship^^; or believing that I could actually bring joy to someone else’s life. It can be also said about smaller things, like vising my grandma while I still could (and I will again, once this virus drama will be over), taking a friend from a buddy program for a cup of coffee, or going that extra mile reminding one of my best friends she forgot to reply to me again, with kindness and understanding.

I mostly regret things that I didn’t do or didn’t do sooner. At the same time though, I can see that 1) the events led me to the happiest version of my life I could ever possibly imagine anyway; and 2) for the things I haven’t done, there is still time to change it.

When I was recapitulating the last couple of years in my head, I also learned that if I really want to accomplish something, I can do it. I can get so stubborn and I can immerse myself into a project as much as possible to get the desirable outcome. So, maybe it is about time for me to get stubborn about leading the life I have always wanted.

With the perfect being by my side and plenty of time left, since everything remains closed, I have all the conditions and support I could ever possibly need.

I wish you a year full of taken chances and no regrets!