Positive Diary #23 – New year, new chapter, braver me

7th January – I cannot shake off this feeling, that stuck on me with the beginning of the new year, that this year will be the year. It will be a transformative year for me. I will finally start to pursue my dreams and I’m gonna throw all the fears of not being accepted as my true self away. This year, I’m going to be more myself than I have ever been and that means you can look forward to many new things on the blog.


I am going to write on a daily basis. 

There is so much I would like to share yet for some reasons I was afraid to. I’m planning to write more about travelingand tips for trips in Prague and Czech Republic. I want to share with you how easy and colorful a life of a vegan can be and offer you some of my most favorite recipes. I will write more about world’s problems that burden me in order to change something, if only a little bit. And I am going to write more about the journey of exploring myself, as a woman, as a witch, as a writer and as a human being.

I will continue to work on my book. Its stories and characters are laying in my heart for years now and I think the stories deserve to be told and the characters deserve to be met. 

I will write as much as I will be able to, in English and in Czech, because it fills me with joy and a feeling of accomplishment.

I am going to have my dream of becoming a writer in my mind every morning and every evening and in between of those, I will do whatever I can to make this dream come true.


I am going to explore myself more as a woman.

As I listen to some interesting podcasts or follow Insta-women who professionally aim at this mostly forgotten path, which should be an indisputable part of every woman’s life, I am starting to realize things. 

First of all, refusing to accept this part of myself – being a woman – seemingly as a part of being a feminist, was hurting me for a long time. All luckily changed when I started to read an excellent book from Clarissa Pinkola Estés called “The Women Who Run With the Wolves”, it still took me some serious time. What I thought was a feminism was just a self-imposed way to keep me in a cage. Or cages, as I was willingly doing the same mistakes repeatedly.

Second, there is still plenty more to discover. There are books to be readways of strengthening one’s physical and mental state of being to be explored and journeys to be taken. The right resources are within a reach of my arms, all I have to do is dive into them, mentally, spiritually and physically.

And third, I have to take my own path to discover what still lays hidden. Articles, blogs, books or even videos of women who found their own way to their sacred inner world can be easily reached in the age of the Internet. Yet I can sense that as we all are different, our paths have to vary as well. 

Whether the tools of my path will be books, meditations, yoni eggs, dancing, singing, art making or something I cannot just think of yet, I will keep you posted.


I am going to explore the witchy voice that has been calling me ever since I can remember.

I know there is a path for me, somewhere between crazy old ladies reading tarot cards online and powerful warlocks from different realms in Hollywood blockbusters, and I want to discover this calling as well. Writing about it seems tricky to me, as a person who believes in a science as well. What I found to be a solid foundation for thinking about witchcraftis the power of nature. Power of herbs, for example, cannot be disputed. Some just decide to see it from a science point of view, others call it a witchcraft. 

respect both, yet this time, I want the witchy approach to lead me towards the mysteries of life. And since this topic is, for me, closely connected to cooking (which I love, any maybe this is the reason), you can look forward to my discoveries at this field as well.


To be concise, I am going to do more of the things which I love, and I am going to write about them whenever it will be possible.

And let’s see how it went at the beginning of the next year!