3 Tips on How to Finally Start Losing Weight

Your national Christmas sport doesn’t have to be overeating (but let’s face it, it probably is) to feel little bit out of the shape after the year of lazy contemplating and emotional eating. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, haha.

I feel you. 

I learned that I put on almost 9 kilos during the last year just before the holiday season started. That made me eat a little bit less throughout the holidays and workout more. Let me introduce you to my tips on how to put those kilos down again and tomorrow, I will share with you some fun activities that help me to keep going.

Are you ready?

Tip no. 1: Track what you eat

Meh, counting calories and stressing out about what I should and shouldn’t eat today? This idea used to disgust me too. Until one day before Christmas, my sport-based boyfriend introduced me to KalorickéTabulky app. It is a Czech app and a website that focuses on counting calories, proteins, fats and other nutrients in your diet for you and adjust the amount of nutrients required based on your weight goals, activities and your overall lifestyle.

The immense value of this app lays in the great database of food products, veggies, fruits etc., you name it, which you can actually buy on a Czech market. That makes it super easy for you to just put it in the app as a breakfast, let’s say, and continue with your day. No counting for you to do, the app is doing the hard work. You can also connect it to your other apps, like Health app from Apple or Connect from Garmin – and the app will automatically deduct the calories you spent on exercising or walking for you.

This app is mostly suitable for users in Czech Republic, but I bet that you can find similar apps in your languages or in English as well. 

That leaves us with a question – why would you even want to track that?

Well, it is easy to overcome the required number of calories, especially when we are all grounded at home and mostly are not going outside. We can easily exceed the number even if we are trying to eat healthy and green. We are surprised then why the number on the scale doesn’t want to drop. This surprise can lead to frustration and frustration can lead to abandoning our goals. And that won’t make happy any of us.

Keeping a track of the calorie’s income should mainly work for you as a tool to learn more about your diet and as a compass on your journey. It will help you to discover the most suitable approach and to not to overrun your goal too much. You should never get obsessed over the numbers though because that could create an unhealthy breeding ground for eating disorders.

Use it wisely then!

Tip no. 2: Develop a habit of working out on a daily basis

I know, every day seems like too much of work, right? But in the times like these, exercising every day might be the only way for us to eat some comfort food, lose some pounds on the way and also gain and maintain that good mood we only have by releasing those good hormones to our systems.

If you learn to exercise every day, at the same time, it will become as natural as cleaning your teeth in the morning, and it will do so much good for you in the weeks, months and years to come.

How do I do that? It is simple. Every day, when I’m done with my work at 5 P.M., I happily turn the computer off and I head for my workout straight away. Sometimes I run, sometimes I dance, sometimes I’m choosing a random workout on YouTube. No matter what you chose, regularity and joy from the movement are the keys.

At least 30 minutes of working out or walking outside will do the trick and you are going to feel so much better!

And why every day? This way, your body will get used to that and it will start to reprogram itself. After a week or two, you won’t be that tired after every workout because your body will be used to you exercising and it will adjust the spending of energy throughout the day. In a short time, you will actually start to feel energized after every single workout.

And isn’t that what we all want? Less pounds on and more energy to feel better about ourselves?

Tip no. 3: Enjoy the ride

My third, but maybe the most important tip is – enjoy the whole process! Enjoy discovering yourself, the needs of your body and the activities you can do in a safe space of your bedroom or a living room. Be kind to yourself, be patient and trust yourself – you can do it!

A swift walk or a dancing class? Do whatever makes you happy and be kind to yourself!

And if you chose a proper style of exercising as well, the one that brings you personally joy (or maybe 5 of them, like me, because I can get easily bored when I’m repeating the same thing over and over again^^), these minutes of self-care you invest in yourself can turn into so much more!

That’s it.

Try something on your own today and believe in yourself!

I will be back tomorrow with my personal top 5 activities which help me to stay in shape!