5 Fun Ways to Get Back in Shape

Get ready for fun and sweat!

I was introducing some tips on how to put down the excessive weight we gained either during the Christmas or, most likely, during the whole 2020. The most important thing for me is to work out on everyday basis (because that will literally transform you) and enjoying the work along the way.

That is why I want to share with you my personal favorite 5 ways of exercising which motivate me to keep rolling every day.

So, get ready, create a time slot for your loving self-care and prepare yourself for enormous flood of energy!

1. Running

I was already talking about running on this blog as I was thrilled to start with it in the spring and summer of last year. I had a pause during the autumn, the main reason being the closed fitness gyms and my inability, or resentment, to go run outside. Although I think it is the most natural and nicest way of running, there were so many distractions for me that it caused every run to be really uncomfortable for me.

You might need some extra props if you decide to run outside now. A proper hat and a pair of gloves might come in handy.

Nevertheless, we purchased a home version of a treadmill for us and that changed things. I started the running plan on Garmin Connect once again and since then, I’m running as scheduled and sometimes even more often. Slowly getting to 3.2 kilometers in one run and in a month or two, I will be finally able to run 5 kilometers!

What I want to recommend, and stress here is that you should use a help and a good app, such as Garmin Connect, which is usable with their fitness watch, can actually do the trick. You can usually choose between different kinds of programs depending on your skills, physical fitness and goals and then you just let the app to lead. 

It will help you to not to overheat yourself at the beginning and you will also have a notion about your progress as you run towards your better and fitter self.

2. Dancing

This idea stroke me just a week ago. Since I love dancing and the feeling afterwards, why don’t I do myself a dance workout at home? We recently got rid of our old furniture in a living room and haven’t replaced it with anything yet, so it created a perfect space for me to jump, dance and sing as a maniac.

Dancing is essential, especially for us ladies. I heard this calling for years and even though I wasn’t “allowed” to go to dance to a club and I didn’t have the money for a dancing class, I used to dance silently, with my earphones on in our kitchen, as I was preparing a dinner or a lunch for me and my ex. I didn’t know if it was good or bad, I just felt awesome when dancing and after dancing and it slowly started to open a way from my golden cage for me.

Time moved forward, I could dance wherever and whenever I wanted to for a while and I loved it. What I realized was that the natural and random movement I used to do at home when no one was watching, was the one with which I felt most free and most myself. So, from this point of view, being stuck at home for months can be an advantage in this sense.

Put the music on loud with the speakers or keep it discrete with your earphones, put on some sport clothes and non-slippery shoes and make yourself sweat! After 30, 40, 50 minutes of dancing, you will be nicely tired, stretched and filled with energy from the movement at the same time.

3. Elliptical trainer

I have this machine at home for years now. It is a good start for everyone, as you can deliberately choose how much time you will spent on it, it is easier and lighter your joints then the usual running and while exercising, you will use all different parts of your body.

What works for me the best is finding a nice TV show, or recently a podcast on Spotify, putting on the earphones and marching on. The 40 minutes whizz along as if it is nothing, leaving you sweated and happy because all those endorphins finally got out. Do this every day and you will feel not only physical improvements very soon.

Plus, if you have that fitness app (and a bracelet or a watch) that can follow your every step, you can see the improvements there and get motivated to continue! I truly love that.

4. Yoga

Yogamat and some water and you are ready to start.

Mmm, yoga. Who hasn’t heard about it, who hasn’t tried it yet? I know. It is one of my favorite ways of exercising as well. Especially, when you can choose an advancement of your practice or switch between the easier and harder classes with more visible results. I’m doing yoga mostly in the morning (if I have time for that) in these last couple of months, but you can definitely find something advanced for the afternoon sweat as well.

My all-time favorite, and all of my friends know that because I’m obsessed with recommendations if I truly like something, is Boho Beautiful. I started with them many many years ago and they helped me to maintain physical and more importantly mental health throughout my harder years. Last year, they released their own fitness app with plenty of their YT and membership-only videos of yoga, Pilates and guided meditations.

Yes, of course I subscribed! I’m not using the app as much as I used to at the beginning, yet I still consider it to be one hell of an investment to my future because it was this app that start-kicked the everyday exercising habit for me.

Give them a try on YouTube or maybe find someone else, there is plenty of skillful yoga content creator out there, just waiting for you to tune into their videos!

5. Walks

I know that this doesn’t sound like the perfect contestant for a sweat challenge. It is not. But a long swift walk has many benefits for you and for your soul and it is definitely worth mentioning it.

Lovely walk in a snowy forest!

As I said at least 100 times already, I find the Garmin app really motivating. I learned that if I walk 5 kilometers with my partner outside, it is an equivalent of 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer in terms of calories burned. You will also get yourself out of the house or a flat which might be driving you crazy after such time spent there in a lockdown and you might see or discover new things and new inputs for your other activities, like writing, making art or even working. Basically, you can get fresh eyes and a new perspective.

Normally, I wouldn’t have to stress this at all, but we live in weird times and sometimes, we tend to forget about the most basic things that might bring us joy.

So, find yourself a nice path, take some high-visibility features on and go and enjoy the world outside. Even if just a little corner of it, it will make you happy!