3 Documents on Netflix You Must See ASAP (if you haven’t already)

We all know these lazy days during which we don’t feel like putting our foot outside, let alone like being productive or active. That’s okay! We need to rest from time to time and allow it to ourselves. 

That is why I decided to create Staying in the bed the whole day section of the blog. Here, we are going to explore fun apps, amazing books, captivating movies and much more!

So, get ready for the cozy laziness and come explore the world with me from the comforting space of your bedroom!

Let’s talk about the three best documentaries I have seen throughout 2020. All of them are accessible on Netflix which is great since most of the people already have some kind of connection to this streaming platform and these documentaries offer an interesting, sometimes shocking or even hopeful point of view on problems that create and will continue to create our day-to-day reality.

Are you ready to jump in?

Let’s begin!

1. Kiss the Ground

As a former student of social ecology, I have quite an understanding of climate change and all of the problems it will bring. As much as I used to love the program, I have to admit there was one huge thing we left unnoticed during my studies: ways or mechanisms of solving environmental problems. I personally left the school full of information about how fucked up we all are, how devasted the planet is and how unwilling to help people of the world are

With no idea how these enormous problems could be ever solved.

Brilliant movie Kiss the Ground offers this part as well, but its creators haven’t forgot to share glimpses of the solution for our climate problems, with focus on the world’s soil. The documentary is narrated by my favorite Woody Harrelson and you can hear plenty of scientists, agriculturists and celebrities throughout the whole movie.

What I love the most about this movie and what made it to step out of the line of other good documentaries I have seen, is the hope I have felt at the end of the movie. There is still time to change the course of events, there is still time to preserve beautiful mother Earth for future generations. There is not much time left, but there is still some!

And if we persuade more people to watch the movie and think about the soil and the nature differently, someone out there can actually initiate a change. We can, if we want.

Just watch the movie so you understand why I am so excited and let me know your opinion!

Source: Netflix.

2. The Social Dilemma

Exceptionally good and chilling documentary movie about social media such as Facebook or Twitter from a surprisingly twisted point of view. When we use it, we feel grateful because these platforms are completely free, right?

Well, guess again. It is actually paid by the enormous advertising revenues from companies all around the world and the product being sold is us, the users, and our personal data. It feels weird to realize we all have been dismantled into pieces of data and absolutely commodified, doesn’t it?

And it gets even more scary, as the document guides you through the world of algorithms, fake news and polarization of the world. With several experts from the field, who used to work for giant companies like Google or Facebook, the documentary has an invaluable worth in an attempt to understand how all these media we use on everyday basis actually work and how powerful they are at influencing the world’s public affairs.

Source: Netflix.

3. A Life on Our Planet

The third of my 2020’s favorites is David Attenborough’s documentary called A Life on Our Planet. As a respectable figure in a field of discovering nature’s beauties and nearly a 100- years-old man, he has a lot to say about how much the planet and its natural treasures have changed throughout his life and what consequences it could have for the future.

It is another well done reminder of what is it to come if we won’t change our patterns of consumption or at least the ways of how we treat the Earth. 

Together with Kiss the Ground, the perfect inspiration for creative and leading souls out there to spark the change we so desperately need!

Source: Netflix.

What was your favorite document in the last year?