Positive Diary #24 – Seemingly intact nature’s cycles

12th January – I know this last year was hard in so many different ways. But when I look outside, the Nature seems to be herself more than usual. So, let me talk a little bit about that today and express how grateful I am for seeing the snowy clouds outside for more than just a couple of days.

The last couple of years were super-hot. There used to be no spring at all (which is one of my most favorite). Instead, the long snow-less winters used to hop into hot summer days with no efforts and we had to go from one day wearing winter jackets to the next with short skirts and sweaty shirts.

The summers used to be extremely dry and hot during those past few years, making it almost impossible to go outside and actually enjoy the time. No raindrops for long weeks, even months.

The autumns were, I must confess, superb, as always. I realized how much I love autumns, I felt the potential of their energy in my bones and let this season to lift me up, always. I guess it was a result of me hiding for the entire length of the summer and when I put foot outside at the beginning of September, it felt like I was being reborn.

But the autumn is always too short for me and it used to be followed by cold, gloomy, melancholic and snow-less winters. No joy from that, it was like waking up into the same dull nightmare every day. Winter without snow is just cold. There are no leaves, no blossoms, almost no light to cheer you up.

And then, the last year came.

In a sense of weather, it was perfect here in Czech Republic. Exactly as I remember it from childhood. The spring was long, everything blossomed but the temperature outside was lower for the extended period of time, which meant no head covers and sun protection creams for me as my body usually don’t react really well on the heat and the Sun rays.

The year then slowly shifted to a beautiful summer. Still hot but not as much as in the previous years. Thanks to that, we were able to survive home officing from our attic bedroom. I am still not a fan of summer but during the last year, it was survivable. And then, then the autumn came! Full of vibrant colors and seemingly bottomless energy on which I could tap and use it for my projects and for my own regeneration.

When the winter came, I was carefully optimistic. After such a year of brilliant cyclic beauty of Mother Nature’s gifts, is it, maybe, possible we will get to see some snow in the winter again? And oh my, yes! It has been snowing, with breaks, of course, for the last several weeks and I am in love with this.

The amount feels just right for the water to be able to soak up into the soil, just enough for kids experiencing snowball fight or creating a snowman, just right for us to take a walk in a snowy forest and take as many photos as possible.

I am just in awe when tuning on to Nature’s cycles once again and I feel as grateful as I can for being able to experience these gifts of her once more.

To snowy winters, my friends!