Positive Diary #25 – Meeting with friends

13th January – This last year was hard when it comes to meeting the people we love, too. That is why we have to appreciate and nurture every moment and every opportunity to see our loved ones which we get. Today, I am profoundly greateful for my friends and for being able to meet my all time favorite and oldest friend @kamisart.

We are in the middle of a mild lockdown here in Czech Republic but a little outside meeting for two people is still allowed. And since I haven’t seen my gal-in-fiyah for so long, and we didn’t have the opportunity to follow our Christmas meeting tradition this year, we took an advantage of this possibility. And it was great, as anticipated!

When you have only two hours before the curfew starts, you try to use every minute as meaningfully as possible. But in the end, you end up babbling something about personal growth and self-love while swiftly walking along the riverbank while trying not to freeze. And actually, these were the powerful words we needed to hear and tell and I am so grateful for this opportunity to share it with each other! These moments are priceless.

So, I just want to stress here the importance of these fleeting moments of perfection with people we love. I know we all realize this importance more and more, given the awful year of 2020. Just remember there is no need to dwell. You can see your loved ones at least for a while outside and if not, give them a call. A videocall. Send them a voice message. If you want to tell them how special they are, how much you are thinking about them, how much you miss the old days...

Don’t wait it out, let them know and brighten the day for them and for yourself as well!

Here is to friends and the loved ones!

Cherrish them, while you can ❤