Positive Diary #26 – Having a decent job

19th January – On a super stressful day, when tasks won’t stop coming and I cannot wait to be five P. M., I love to complain. About the workload, about other teams, about my colleagues and bosses. But I tried to stop today and realize how lucky I am for working in such a decent company at times like these. Therefore, I would like to express my deep gratitude for the job I currently have.

In a way, it is a dream job. I work finally in a field that suits my education and hobbies, too. I mostly translate from English to Czech which means that I am in a constant touch with both languages I admire so much. It means I can improve myself in English and if not, I at least know I won’t lose the knack.

The majority of my colleagues are really lovely people and those who are not, well, thanks to the home office we have since the last March, I do not have to worry about those. Plus, the company cares a lot about their employees which is also something rarely heard of in Czech Republic. I love my international employer and I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity.

I sure have plans for future and I dare to dream about being a freelancer, writing about things that matter to me and occasionally translating for others – from a beach or some distant place in Tyrol Schistose Alps.^^ But for this moment, moment of personal awakening and also worldwide uncertainty, I couldn’t possibly want more than what I have.

My job also gave me a person to love, a person to believe in, a person to want to spent the rest of my life with. Thanks to that, I do not have to spend the home office time alone, or worse – with someone I detest. Thanks to that, I can gain as much of happiness as possible from this messy situation in which the world currently stucked.

As many things in our lives, it’s just a matter of perspective. And I am choosing happiness once more. I would choose it everytime, now, when I know.

So, I guess that makes me truly grateful for those relentlessly incoming new tasks!