That Old Song

The world went quiet
and the goal of my journey is clear.
Seeing an old friend, a goddess
who has accompanied me
during my past struggles.

The music is on
and the world seems cut,
cut of the stripes of the daylight.
Darkness has fallen over the quiet land
and one can try to connect lights of the street lamps
to create worlds, worlds beyond our imagination.

As the old song starts to play
my train begins to materalize from the surrounding darkness.
One’s eyes cannot see
where the carriages actually end,
not before the train comes in in its whole beauty.

The song reminds me of the blurry period.
The time I struggle to forget,
with the darkest hour of my past to come
yet filled with cautios hope for the days
I have always hoped for.

The song was meant to be
about you and me.
The outcasts,
misfits meant for each other.
Misfits to fit only by side of the other.
The song was our hopeful hymn
at the time when certainty
wasn’t really settled. Within me.
Within you. Maybe.

The remnant of the ancient days
which I want to let go of,
a memorial of kindness and carefulness
and stubborn recklessness.
Reminder of that secret need
to feel so safe laying in the bed
while carefree, resting in your bare arms.
Memory of that tranquil moment
of pure joy and happiness
which helped us to find the endless light
after the struggles we chose to overcome.

The song ends and leaves me with nothing
but tasteless mix of regrets and hope.
To remind me that,
same as the train’s final destination,
life lays ahead of us.
So let’s live it!
With hope and joy and no regrets.