5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Spotify (or Other Music Platform)

It will never stop amaze me how many people around me still aren’t addicted to any music platform available on the market and they still insist on listening to their old CD records. I cannot possibly imagine a life without a proper music platform anymore. When I realize how many great and talented musicians I have discovered throughout the last couple of years and how much joy those artists brought to my life, it would have been a terrible loss if I’d ever have to continue my life without it.

So why am I so obsessed with my Spotify account? And yes, I am going to speak a lot about Spotify because I actually use that one, but I am sure any other app would work the same way for me. After all, one of my friends prefers Deezer instead with the reason being more alternative bands on the platform. He is a musical snob but what can I know. ^^

The main idea is that I simply cannot imagine depending on the old ways of listening to music and here is why!

1. Everything Within the Reach of Your Arm

We are used to complain a lot about social media, modern technologies and our cell phones. The truth is though, that if we use them in a wise manner, these can incredibly improve our lives. And the same can be said about music in our pockets. What is your mood today? Feeling like dancing? Or maybe do you need to improve your focus on a busy day in the office? No problem at all!

Because we have the whole music library within the reach of our arm, no mood, no project, no task storm can catch us off guard. The amount and diversity of music genres and artists never seize to impress me! And you don’t have to carry anything extra with you, you phone will do just nice.

2. Discovering the Worlds Beyond

As I already mentioned, without Spotify, I would have missed so many great, talented, feel-good artists! No matter if via the app’s algorithms or through millions of playlists available, I have discovered music which helped me to create my world exactly as it is today. Those artists discovered gave me comfort when I needed to be comforted and strength and resilience when I thought I cannot continue.

You could say that music forwarded to you on CD by your brother back in the 90s had the same effects but back then, you couldn’t possibly discover everything that’s out there for you because we were dependent on our closest surroundings, TV, radios or music charts but that was it. Now you can browse the music library of different genres for hours. Are you in the mood for classical music? Do you want to get the same vibe as when watching your favorite TV show? Or are you not sure at all but have time to explore music?

Everything is there and it is so enriching!

3. Creating Your Personal Music Corner

That is my most favorite feature of music platforms. Sometimes, I can be really demanding of my playlists so these could serve me the best possible mix of music. And if there are just a few songs that doesn’t really fit my own personal music taste, I am usually done with the playlist really fast.

With creating my own playlists, this doesn’t bother me anymore. I have playlists for women empowerment, for dancing nights and mornings, for feeling like an Irish sailoress or a New Orleans witch. Every song in those playlists is carefully curated and I couldn’t be prouder of my little music corner.

Here are my most favorite ones, if you’d like to give them a try:

I also really enjoy the feature which suggests you new songs for your playlist at the bottom of the page. It is worth the use especially for the playlists of the constant music style, but it can surprise you even with those, let’s say, little bit inconsistent ones.

4. Interconnectedness and Responsiveness

Another thing I love about Spotify is that when you finally discover that perfect song you have been craving for some time now, you can easily follow through on the artist’s page or on the album the song is from and you can continue with your exploration.

The feature which recommends you similar artists is also worth mentioning as it helped me a lot to evolve my Spanish-sang playlist.

5. The Social Aspect

As with every other app and social media, we cannot resist to share the music with our friends or maybe spy a little bit on them to know what kind of music they actually listen. Although I have never connected Spotify with my Facebook account, I am well aware that it’s possible. I personally prefer to follow only the chosen friends of mine, after all, I am not really interested in my every Facebook friend’s music taste, right?

But the idea that we can share our precious playlists with each other and inspire our friends by carefully chosen music picks in assembled collections is really nice. Whether it is a playlist for dancing as a maniac that inspire your best friend to incorporate more movement into her life, or a good mood playlist that will make a day for your younger brother, the joy inflicted is enormous.

And I love to inflict joy!

If you want, you can follow my music taste here.