5 Tips on How to Fight those Rainy Gloomy Days

It’s the middle of the January. The rain outside decided to replace the forecasted snow they promised to us and it seems that sun won’t even bother to come up today. The lack of the daylight is usually felt immediately but it is on the long run, when it starts getting to us. Luckily, we live in a blessed time of abundance and we can fight the resilience of gloomy winter with our own weapons.

So, ready to hear about how I fight the rainy gloomy days?

1. Let the Light Shine from the Inside

Yes, it is easy as that. You can either light a candle, or if you are lucky enough, a fire in the fireplace would be nice and relaxing as well. But even if you don’t have a fireplace or don’t feel like candles are the safest option at the moment, a proper choice of inside lighting will make a huge difference. Which might seem obvious, not all sources of inside light are equal though.

First of all, if you want to have this light on throughout the day, it is nice to consider how much energy it will consume. I personally love LED table lamps from IKEA because of many reasons, one of them being that these are energy saving and you do not need to buy a new bulb once in a while. They just shine and shine their eternal light. ^^

Second, it is also important to always consider the color of the light. I personally prefer those yellowish ones since they remind me of the sun rays and the fire of a candle. It simply feels much warmer than the cold light of fluorescent lamps.

And the third thing to consider is maneuverability of the source of the light. Since you will be using it throughout the whole day, you might want to center the light in different directions or maybe move it around a little bit.

And yes, you guessed it. My table lamps from IKEA are beautifully yellowish and their whole upper part is completely movable. ^^ Love it!

2. Fix Yourself a Sweet-smelling Hot Drink

Nothing can warm you frozen little heart as wonderfully as hot drink with a pinch of cinnamon! Or hot chocolate. Or a favorite herbal tea. Oh my, or a lovely cup of mulled wine!

My most favorite feel-good hot drink is my vanilla super drink. It is vegan, super healthy and super delicious.

Vanila super drink^^

For one cup you are going to need:

  • 2 tsp. of dried soya milk + cup of hot water OR 1 cup of hot soya milk
  • 1/3 tsp. of turmeric
  • Just a small pinch of black pepper
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. of chicory syrup (or any other favorite sweetener will do just nicely)

I usually use the dried soya milk because that way, you can put all of the dry ingredients together, add the extract and the syrup, then pour the hot water in and voilà – you are done! Turmeric is super healthy for your overall immunity and skin, cinnamon has the superpower of warming you up, chicory syrup is a lovely and healthy substitute for refined sugar and the rest of the ingrediencies is there just for you to unwind and feel relaxed.

Read, write, meditate – do whatever makes you happy at home.

3. Do Whatever You Love

Are you a booklover? And when was it last time you have finished book? Do you love to write? Here is your moment to do it. Or would you prefer to stay in the bed the whole day and cuddle with your loved one? Feel free to and have no regrets!

These moments are made for us to catch up with people and activities we tend to neglect a little bit, but at the same time, we love them so much.

4. Cook Something Filling and Warm

Salads are made for sunny days. How about a nice pumpkin soup with cinnamon, ginger and chili? I am going to add this recipe soon on the blog since it is the most genius soup I have ever cooked. It is thick, full of important nutrients and really heartwarming.

Not in a mood for a soup? Let’s involve baked potatoes with garlic! Another filling and healthy meal which will leave you with happy smile on your face and with your belly filled with joy. You could also bake your favorite pie, maybe with apples and cinnamon, and combine it with my vanilla super drink or with your café latte infused with pumpkin spice or cinnamon.

I suppose you guessed it already but with me, there is never too much of cinnamon. Especially during the colder months of autumn and winter.

Our today’s ultimate comfort food.

5. Stretch Your Body

Your body will thank you if you manage to reserve some time for stretching or exercising. I would definitely go for yoga, especially on a dark and gloomy day such as today. With yoga, you can warm your body from head to toe, stretch or even strengthen the muscles you didn’t even know you had and enjoy the calming feelings when you are done.

Another healthy option could be a pilates workout or simply just a swinging around in the rhythm of your favorite song, just for the sake of it or during your time in the kitchen.

Every move counts and brings you joy you cannot get from anything else!

Never forget about this!

Ready for your today’s yoga workout?

And no matter what you chose to do, do it with your heart, jump in and enjoy every minute of it. Gloomy and rainy weather doesn’t have to mean a gloomy day for you at all!