Perfect Spots in Prague: Botanical Garden in Troja

When you visit Prague for the first time and you usually have only limited time, the schedule is somehow very easy to figure out. There is the Charles’ Bridge and astronomical clock to see, trdlovník or svíčková to taste and beer or Becherovka to get drunk with. No problem with that, it just works like that when it comes to fast traveling.

But! For those moments when you have more free time to spare, when you are slow traveling, when you move to the city in order to live and work here, or when you simply get stuck here as an expat in Prague due to the infamous coronavirus, you could (and should) discover there is so much more to see. And that these places are way better than the usual touristy places.

Perfect Spots in Prague: Botanical Garden in Troja

Those of you who are familiar with my Instagram account already know how much obsessed I am with this place. Botanical Garden in Troja is situated just around the corner of Prague Zoo and you can get there using the entrance in Troja or in Bohnice. If you are going by car, there is a really nice parking space in Bohnice made for these purposes.

When the garden operates normally, you can buy two different tickets for one-day visit. One will allow you to go through the whole garden, minus the Fata Morgana greenhouse, the other one includes the greenhouse as well. If are planning your first visit, you should definitely see Fata Morgana as well. We have seen it and we really enjoyed it, although the outside garden is a gem on its own and for the next visits, we plan only to wander throughout the garden.

If you are a local or simply want to visit this charming place more often, you can also buy a one-year permanent pass. You will see for yourself whether it is worth it, but the price is surprisingly affordable, and the garden is truly one of the nicest places in Prague. Meaning that once we are able to go visit again, we are going to have the one-year pass for ourselves as well.^^

What can be found inside the Fata Morgana greenhouse.

Botanical garden in Troja offers sub-gardens of different styles and nations and I am sure that every secret admirer of nature will find his or her thing. Lovely succulent’s garden, forest with a lookout tower, a beekeeper’s garden, Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, chapel and a beautiful vineyard with a view over Troja’s castle and the panorama of Prague.

I am sure the garden will change magically throughout the year and every season will have something special hidden in its sleeves. We were visiting twice in 2020, once during a late summer on a really rainy day, and second time at the beginning of winter, also on a gloomy and cold day. But we still loved it. There are several benefits of visiting on the days like these: first of all, you have the area mostly just for yourself. And second, the photos I took on those days came up magnificent!

I have to admit though that I cannot wait to visit the garden during the first days of spring as well as on a lovely and warm early summer afternoon. With no doubt, there is yet much to be seen for us!