Positive Diary #29 – This healthy body of mine

2nd February – Lately, I have been kinda clumsy. And I guess I gave it a crown today, as I slipped on our stairs (again) and fall on my back. Nothing severe happened for which I am immensely grateful. That is why I wanted to take a pause and write down how much grateful I am for my body, which serves me well no matter how hard I push.

This last year, we have all learned that without a decent health, we cannot enjoy a thing. I will not sink into the global consequences of such a finding. Instead, I will focus on the health of an individual body today.

I used to be sick and ill quite often, back in a day. All has changed for me with a visit to an immunology doctor and with my transition to a plant-based diet. Ever since I went vegan, people around me were kinda worried about my health – you know, the general concerns about getting enough of protein, vitamins and minerals. I won’t pretend that vegan diet solved all of my problems, but it helped a lot. And along the way, I have learned to recognize needs of my body and adjust what needed to be adjusted.

By listening to my body, I stopped eating dairy which was causing me severe acne. I stopped drinking coffee which was giving me huge amounts of anxiety. I learned to love veggie all over again and mindfully recognize if my body is craving for it. And the same goes not only to my physical needs but also emotional and mental needs as well. But the body, my precious body was always the tool for a success. I owe it for so much!

And today, in that long second of my fall, when my whole life flashed before my eyes, I realized how fragile and resilient at the same time this body is. And that I cannot take it as granted anymore. I am so grateful for having this healthy body which carries me from place to place, which gives me a shelter, protects me and nurtures me. The body, which is allowing me to dance, to run, to yoga. The body I sometimes push too hard and sometimes forgot to push it at all. The body through which I can hug and kiss and laugh and cry.

A kind note to myself:

“I know that too many people in the world aren’t that lucky. And therefore, not only I will stop taking you as granted. I will finally cherish every moment I spend with you. I will stop being so harsh on you when I put on some weight, but I will enjoy every single move I can do with you with love and kindness. And bottomless gratitude.”

A little reminder for you, if you are reading this: Show your body some love and respect as well. It will listen. And magical things might start to happen.