Kindness Is the Key

We all know this feeling. We feel stuck in our development, in fulfilling what we have promised to ourselves, maybe even stuck in a life situation or a bad relationship. No matter what you are trying to achieve, remember that the kindness is the key – kindness towards yourself, most importantly!

Be Kind to Yourself

It is easy to start the New Year with a resolution. Or a plan. A wish. But as the months move forward, we tend to forget about those, or we simply lose a track of time and find ourselves in a situation when we must decide what to prioritize. And that is completely normal. It is called life. You can never anticipate, when planning your resolutions, what will happen in a week, a month or within the whole year. And that is the first thing you need to remind yourself in case you are planning to be harsh on you.

Another thing is that making plans is a great tool but a bad master. When planning, you can never anticipate how much effort and time this thing will take you. And if it takes more than you planned, it creates a delay which leads to another one and with a blink of an eye, you realize you are way behind your plan. But again, that is completely normal. Growth take some time. The most important thing is to persist and continue your journey and enjoy every moment and every step you take on this journey.

It is not a race. It is a blessing.

Take a deep breath and a moment to think about it. You have come this far, you have seen things and learned things and every step you have taken moved you the right direction. Every decision you made and every experience you had, even the least pleasant ones, made you who you are today. A gorgeous human being pursuing their dreams, goals, or resolutions.

So, just stay on the journey. Enjoy every step on it. And be kind to yourself.

Be Kind to Others

Kindness costs nothing. It is true. But when you are kind to other people, it elevates you as well.

I used to be ashamed of my kindness and compassion. How silly, right? I know. But in a world of opportunists and capitalists, how could be kindness and compassion seen as a virtue? For a long time, I saw it as a flaw, thinking – maybe if I wouldn’t be that kind to everyone, I would have got myself further. Now I know that the life without kindness is no life at all. And we, who are kind to others, to the living world around us and to ourselves, we must cherish this quality of ours as a golden treasure.

When you are kind to others, something extra is being created between you two, between your souls. Like when you ask a granny on the street if she needs some help with her bags. You are offering so much more than some help with excessive luggage! You are reviving the idea of kind people being still around. You can make her smile. You can be the first person in days to whom she speaks.

And being kind can inspire other people to try it as well. It can create some sort of chain reaction. And even though we tend to believe that one cannot change the world him- or herself, this is the way how you can start to change the world on your own. And see it growing every day!

Think about it next time when someone will be mocking you for being too nice, too kind, too generous. Chances are that you have more to offer than those mocking you.

Kindness, Yes. But do not let anyone bully you!

It is not so long when we watched the American movie Cinderella from 2015. It couldn’t be more different than our beloved Czech Cinderella from Three Wishes for Cinderella we are used to since we were all kids. Our Cinderella was a badass feminist. She was riding a horse and running and hunting in the woods. She was cheeky and beautiful and absolutely unapologetic about it. On the other hand, the American Cinderella was super kind and beautiful, yet when someone was bulling her, she simply couldn’t fight back. The reason being: she promised to her dying mother to be always kind.

The problem is with the emphasis on the word always.

When someone is picking on you, bullying you, hurting you, you won’t simply turn the other cheek. We are past beyond this ridiculous rule! If someone is hurting you, you fight back as a lion! No one has the right to put you down. Kindness aside, you have to fight for who you are and what you stand for.

So, just remember. Too much of a good thing can be bad. And the same applies to kindness as well.

Luckily, generally most people are capable of receiving a kind reaction from their surroundings. And so are you.

Let your light shine bright!