Meditation: The Spring Is in the Air

No, I haven’t got crazy. It’s about 30 centimeters of snow outside and I am daydreaming about the spring? That is right. And I can tell you why!

It’s Almost Knocking on Our Doors

First of all, the Imbolc celebration is already behind us. And in the antient times, it was sometimes Imbolc and not the Ostara that was symbolizing the end of a winter period and signaling that the spring is soon to come. And I can feel this in my bones, every day stronger and stronger.

Just look outside. It is not that long since we were sitting in a dark at 4, 4:30 PM, and dreaming about just a little more of light. Now, in the moments when the snow is not actually blocking the daylight coming to my room via the rooftop window, we can enjoy the daylight for so much longer. And trust me, every minute gained in this sense counts.

Make yourself warm and comfortable.

I am also already starting to have this spring feeling in my bones. Starting to plan what needs to be done and repaired after the winter, thinking about changes in our home and feeling that some sources of inspiration are about to sprout. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

Meditation to Tune into the Spring Vibe

If you are also a person who enjoys spring more than the short days and long nights of winter, you might enjoy a short meditation with me. Just open a window, ideally on a day like today, when Sun is shining and glancing through our rooms as its rays bounce from the snow and magnify themselves. You can put on a blanket or a warm sweater so you wouldn’t get cold during the practice.

Straighten your back, put your hands on your knees gently and close your eyes. Start to focus on your breath first. Deep inhales and deep exhales, as much as it is comfortable for your own body. Then start to realize your senses.

Can you smell the cold air coming in through the open window? Inhale deeply and enjoy its cooling effect. Can you hear the noise outside the walls of your home? Focus on those sounds and feel how the spring is getting ready to sprout. Can you feel those sun rays harassing on your close eye lids as they signal the near return of the light to the world?

Just feel it. And observe all of the sensations which are brought to you.

And now, you can tell me: Can you feel the spring is in the air?^^