The Unescapable February Days

I don’t know if you are familiar with this feeling, but February days are for me, in general, very gloomy. And even the fact that it’s sunny outside usually isn’t helping. It is freezing, literally, for several weeks, the spring is within the reach of our arms, yet it feels so distant, after all those short, cold and dark winter days.

This feeling keeps coming to me every year. No matter how sunny or snowy February gets, I just feel drained from life and cannot find the spark that ignited my almost everyday writing just a month and a half ago.

So, what can we do about it, I wonder?

Alright, the main thing that boggers me is the everlasting cold. I live in an old house which haven’t been repaired properly yet so the winter period can get pretty uncomfortable, from time to time. And especially when we are spending here almost 100% of the time, since the lockdown and home office situation.

It is funny, because the house and the home office are one of the things I am grateful for on everyday basis so I don’t want to complain much. But a nice thermal insulation would feel nice!

I have few tips though, if you too struggle with missing thermal insulation, you have huge-ass old windows or you just struggle with an insufficient electrical heating.

Nothing Like a Warmth from the Fireplace

First, we have a fireplace. It is not really convenient for a daily use because you have to pay a lot attention to it, clean it and keep checking if the fire hasn’t fade away. Yet if you feel deprived of your precious warmth for too long, I suggest using it. The warm from the fireplace is so charming and calming that it can make your whole day much better.

True Love Starts in the Tummy. So, Start There with the Warmth as Well

Second, if you do not want to or cannot use a fireplace, I love to cook filling and heartwarming dishes for myself and my partner. The ingredients to warm you up will be chili, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, or onion. Add potatoes, a pumpkin or hot apples and you will have a blast in few moments. Whether you chose to cook yourself a pumpkin soup, bake some garlic potatoes or an apple cake, you will not regret the effort and time spent.

Short-term Solution

Third, combination of genuinely made hot drink with a few blankets might do the trick as well, at least for a while. Do not hesitate to experiment a little bit – I love to add chili or cinnamon into my teas, do a proper ginger tea or just add the cinnamon to my coffee, cacao or hot vanilla drink.

Make yourself comfortable under the blankets, turn some soft lights on, or a candle, and maybe listen to your favorite music or read a book. It can change your perspective a little bit!

But What If the Mood Still Needs a Boost?

I feel you. I really do. When I started to write this article, I felt the same way. But as I am finishing with it, I am again reminded of the simplest, yet all-the-times forgotten truth – just do what you love! Even when you don’t feel like it.

I love writing. Yet I have this feeling all the time that I am not ready, I don’t have much to say, no one actually cares… I am basically full of excuses why not to write and I sit and scroll-down on my iPhone endlessly instead, which makes me usually feel even more terrible.

So I think it is better to realize this, mindfully, and every time this happens remind ourselves that it doesn’t have to be a Shakespearian play, what we will come up with when we are done. What really counts is – did it make us feel better? Did this activity you chose to do remind you that you are still alive and kicking?

No matter what you chose – drawing, working out, singing, dancing, reading, or even cleaning your house – just do it.

It will, most probably, remind you what you love about it. And chances are high that it will change your mood as well. And who knows, maybe you will create a masterpiece on the go.^^

So, keep fighting guys! The spring is close ❤