The Girl in the Spotlight

Theira Sayuri

Dreamer, writer, photographer. So far, full-time translator.

My name is Šárka, but for my online activities I prefer my cherished alias Theira Sayuri. It is a name that sticks to me since I was a 12-years-old gal with head full of dreams and no idea how to reach them. I am much older by now and I am discovering the journey towards successful fulfilment of my dreams every day.

I love writing since I was a kid. Writing gives my ideas decent shapes and colors and since I am interested in many many things, my blog reflects that too. That is the reason why you can find articles about books, puppy mills, compassion for animals, mental health, vegan cooking and much more on my website. For a bountiful life, the variety of topics has to be abundant as well!

My aim is to help people to evolve into the most preferred versions of themselves by writing articles with kind reminders, loving thoughts and compassionate lifestyle tips which can ease the journey for everyone. I love the idea that with love and compassion, towards the world, towards ourselves, even towards what we see as our past mistakes, we can evolve – and not just as individuals, but as a society as well.

Feel free to reach to me with any insights or ideas for the next topic via my social media or in a comment section in each of the individual article.

Main Topics:
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Self-care
  • Personal Growth
  • Mental Health
  • Traveling
  • Compassion towards the Animals
  • Compassion towards the Mother Earth
  • Living a Good Life
  • Telling Good Stories