The Positive Diary #5 – Ability to learn new languages

25th September 2018 – Let me tell you a story about one of my lovely friends. You have actually already heard about her here several times. She is this almost mysterious, sweet, heart-equipped human being, fragile but always fighting. I haven’t seen her almost for a year by now but we are still having this small but very important discussions about life with the use of our iPhones. These talks always help me to realize certain things in their whole weight and size. Even today I came to realize something I was thinking about for some time.

And that is of course the reason why today I want to talk about our ability to learn foreign languages.

As you might have already noticed, I am a Czech native speaker who developed her English language skills into the point you can see here, on my Instagram and in my new video on YouTube. As such, I realized I’m not quite the same person when I use one language or the other. There are simply some things I would never dare to say in Czech but in English it feels almost natural to me to say them. And that includes dreaming big, telling people how special they are and also the love and respect we should give to ourselves.

Therefore, I am grateful today for our ability to learn and speak foreign languages. With learning one, we accept the rythm of its sentences and the laws of its grammar, we absorb it into our DNA and we let the language smoothly change our perspective of the world, of our dreams and even of ourselves. By learning single one foreign language I’m able to live two separate lives. And I will bet that if I would start to speak fluent a third language, I would be able to live three.

What are your “other languages”? Have you experienced this effect too? And which languagues do you plan to learn for way too long but you actually never had the time to do it?

I hope one day I will have a life as a Spanish person as well. And until then I will be grateful for living in the era in which knowledge is accessible within my arms reach.

Have a wonderful evening!


Wicked And Clever


The Positive Diary #4 – Fighting our demons and weaknesses

23rd September 2018 – Today I managed to fight and win over one of my biggest fears on my way to fulfil my dreams. Today was the day when I published my first video on YouTube. I am very grateful for overcoming this fear of mine. After all – it is said the hardest steps towards our goals are the first ones. The pain for me was hidden in the need to step out of my comfort zone and to show the world (even when there are just a few who saw the video) who actually I am.


I am grateful today for finding the strength to publish the video. When you fight your low self-confidence and other anxieties this little thing can mean world to you. And it should!


Let’s be proud of ourselves today for these small everyday victories we fight for. It doesn’t matter what it is you need to overcome on a daily basis but – you need to be proud of yourself that you are still fighting! Whether it is depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, eating disorder, bad habit or something completely different – you are still here, and you are fighting back. And that is all that matters, that is the one thing you should remind yourself every day.


It is time for us to show a little bit respect and love to ourselves.


I always say: Who else, if not me… 🙂


Have a wonderful rainy, foggy and windy evening!



Wicked And Clever


The Positive Diary #3 – Being supportive to each other

22nd September 2018 – I don’t usually feel the need to remind myself of gratitude during the successful days like today. I had a terrific day – after a little blackout when I got the chance to have an offline breakfast and to set my daily goals freely I decided I will finally make my first YouTube video. If the things will go smoothly tomorrow, you should be able to see it tomorrow as it took me the entire rest of the day to edit it into the form with which I am satisfied.

The first hinds of what to be grateful for today came while I was working on the video and texting with one of my friends. And I was definitely sure what to be grateful for when my husband, who kind of isn’t able to be supportive (even though he tries to very hard), went back home from work.


Today I want to talk about being supportive to each other, about surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us in those moments when we for some weird and unexplainable reason can’t.


I have been having this dream about starting a new English blog and a YouTube channel for two years already. You might wonder why I even bother to start it now and I can tell you I am wondering that too sometimes. Well, it is because I realized I, myself, am my biggest obstacle on the way to reach my dreams, I have to fight my demons alongside the work on these projects. But without friends and some family members who were backing me all that time, it would have been much much harder, if not impossible.


Another great thing about having supportive friends is that it is not hard to give the afford back and it also fills you with a pure joy. Because you already know your friends are great and skillful people and with hard work and commitment they can achieve whatever they take into their heads. And the least thing you can do is to tell them.


I’ve noticed some people treat words as if these were nothing, as if you could take back what you have already said or worse, as if the words you once said had no meaning to you now in the present. From my point of view, it is the quite opposite. Words work like powerful spells and through them you either hurt someone or you give him the strength to do or to overcome what they need to do or to overcome.


Today I am so grateful and happy for having these people in my life, people who cast on me only the good spells, people who helps me to overcome my demons. And today, I am very proud that I can be such guardian for others, for people who are worth sometimes so much more than they tend to think about themselves.


I wish you the endless faith in your skills and in improving them beyond the limits. I believe that if you put your best affords into the thing you want to achieve the most, there is no possibility of failing.


Good luck, my friends!



Wicked And Clever



The Positive Diary #2 – Studying the right program

20th September 2018 – Sometimes the reason to be grateful nocks on your nose immediately in the morning, like yesterday. There are however days like today, when nothing seems to make any sense, even though the reason to be thankful is staring at you the whole day.

I didn’t wake up with the greatest mood today and, as the day continued, it wasn’t getting any better. I needed a new pair of jeans and therefore there wasn’t any chance to avoid a shopping mall as we went to get them. I don’t know why but from a certain moment I don’t feel quite well on such places. Everything seems so fake and dishonest there, people, the shops, the goods, even myself! To cut a long story shorter, I was getting more and more irritated. In that moment, it didn’t matter to me that it was wonderful sunny and late summer weather outside or that we took it back home through my favorite way..

It was late in the evening, after I started texting with one of my friends about school which is about to start in a week and about a registration of our classes, when I realized I’m thriving with life and I truly cannot wait the beginning of the semester. On a scale from zero to one hundred, I was excited on one hundred and fifty!

That means I succeeded today as well as yesterday, even though it took me almost the whole day to find out. Today I am thankful for being able to study the one study program that feels like it was created right for me. I am so much grateful that I found out two years back that the social and cultural ecology as a program exists and – what was even more exciting – I was able to study it on my beloved alma mater. I am also very proud of myself (which isn’t always very easy) of having finished the first year without a single flaw and finding eventually a glimpse of purpose in my life.

With that said, I can finally go to bed and hope this little confession will inspire you as well. Inspire you to what? Not being so harsh to yourself and always remembering that no matter how meaningless life can sometimes feel, at the end of the day or the day after that, you will always see a glimpse of hope.

Take care!


Wicked and Clever


The Positive Diary #1 – Affordable healthy vegan food

19th September 2018 – As a result of fighting my own demons, two months back I started to write something I call the positive diary. In the name of practicing gratitude and also because I finally purchased the super cute and super expensive note book I was spying on for a while, I decided I will put in there only kind and loving words, flashes of happiness I experience on a daily basis but in the darkest times I tend to forget about them. The plan is simple: Once the demons come out again, I can grab these notes and try to remember that there is plenty of good and life-worthy things in my everyday life.


And, as I was thinking about it more deeply, with seeing the rise of a movement advocating for mental health and for not being ashamed of mental health condition on the Instagram (no matter if the talks are about OCD – try @unfollowanxiety of my precious friend Michelle, who has come already a long way and fought already a long fight, or about fighting depressions – you can try the very honest @fightingdepressionswithphoto profile) I thought it would be nice to share this idea on my blog. Even though I am well aware that only a positive mindset cannot fight such a terrible demon we encounter so often, I believe it can still have a big impact.


Therefore, I am here today with the very first note of my online positive diaries.


Today, I wanted to talk about being a vegan in 21stcentury.


I was thinking about it during my today’s breakfast. Firstly, I was mad for some reason. I didn’t really feel to eat the healthy breakfast I prepared, the coffee wasn’t done yet and I have already managed to bath both of our dogs therefore I was getting very hungry and very impolite. But when I tried my breakfast – it was sliced banana and plums with oat flakes and soya yogurt, just for the record – I realized how grateful I should be that I can enjoy this breakfast even though I avoid eating dairy products.


Nowadays we have all we want and all we need within arm’s reach, so we might take it for granted. But I remember quite clearly that when my brother had this terrifying allergy on milk and eggs as a toddler there weren’t as many options for him to eat as there are today. As a student of social and cultural ecology, I realize how gigantic price we as the world pay for this abundance and despite that, or maybe just because of that, we should be thankful for being able to buy almond milk, soya yogurt, vegan cheese but also plenty of unprocessed food from which we can make our homemade treats.


So today I am very grateful for being able to afford healthy, nutritious and compassionate food every day, without harming animals and while contributing to the global climate change slightly less.


What are you grateful for today? 🙂 Let me know in the comment section or on my Instagram or Facebook Page.


Have an amazing rest of your day!


Your Wicked and Clever