Positive Diary #25 – Meeting with friends

13th January – This last year was hard when it comes to meeting the people we love, too. That is why we have to appreciate and nurture every moment and every opportunity to see our loved ones which we get. Today, I am profoundly greateful for my friends and for being able to meet my all time favorite and oldest friend @kamisart.

We are in the middle of a mild lockdown here in Czech Republic but a little outside meeting for two people is still allowed. And since I haven’t seen my gal-in-fiyah for so long, and we didn’t have the opportunity to follow our Christmas meeting tradition this year, we took an advantage of this possibility. And it was great, as anticipated!

When you have only two hours before the curfew starts, you try to use every minute as meaningfully as possible. But in the end, you end up babbling something about personal growth and self-love while swiftly walking along the riverbank while trying not to freeze. And actually, these were the powerful words we needed to hear and tell and I am so grateful for this opportunity to share it with each other! These moments are priceless.

So, I just want to stress here the importance of these fleeting moments of perfection with people we love. I know we all realize this importance more and more, given the awful year of 2020. Just remember there is no need to dwell. You can see your loved ones at least for a while outside and if not, give them a call. A videocall. Send them a voice message. If you want to tell them how special they are, how much you are thinking about them, how much you miss the old days...

Don’t wait it out, let them know and brighten the day for them and for yourself as well!

Here is to friends and the loved ones!

Cherrish them, while you can ❤

Positive Diary #19 – Rain

31st May – I know, it might seem pretty basic. Rain, water, breeze, we tend to take all of these things as granted, although our ability to take advantage of them can change pretty rapidly. I can see it in the long-term change of weather, or maybe let’s say climate itself, in Czech Republic. I vividly remember every spring because I love them so hard. You can see all of the changes, you can feel them, touch them and mourn for them. But not this year. This year we are lucky and that is what I got to say today.

Springs in my country used to be fabulous. Blue sunny skies were often replaced by mild rainy days; the trees, grass and flowers were racing to sprout, all spaces were buzzing with life and there was enough of water in the exact perfect amount that you didn’t even have to think about it. It was a paradise, marking the soon-the-summer-comes time and eyes and hearts of patient spectators were drowning in unwitting amazement. Those times, those colors, sounds and smells, all of that taught me how to love nature. They made me who I am.

However, in recent years, those lovely spring days disappeared. And not just them. Snowy days of winter and the joy from seeing sun rays dancing on a fresh layer of frozen white water was replaced by dirty, dry and lightless short days; and warm summer days changed into almost never-ending waves of heat, leaving you wonder where have we all made the mistake and pray for this desert to go away as fast as it came. And between those two wrecked seasons – nothing. The sweet springtime suddenly became compressed into two-day season and that was it. From long, brown and grey winter quick jump into the never-ending heat of summer, thank you very much.

This year is different. And it fills me with joy, happiness and even hope that not everything has been lost. This May was far from all of those previous years. It is raining every other day, but mildly, lovingly and with kindness, don’t mistaken it with the already well-known relentless flooding cloudbursts. Herbs on the garden thrives again, birds sing, all is green and fresh, buzzing. Everything seems to be back in normal.

We still fight the exceptional drought in Czech Republic, but seeing the wonderful power of nature, still loving and kind, despite those terrible acts we commit to her on everyday basis, fills me with surge of gratitude

I hope that more and more people will realize how profoundly beautiful and important nature is; that more and more people start to believe in her and that more and more people start to do what they can in order to protect her

The thing with nature is simple – she doesn’t need us. But we certainly need her.

Let’s be grateful for all of her gifts. And let’s start to give something back.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Wicked and Clever



The Positive Diary #9 – Czech medical care

20th October 2018 – Dear Diary, it has been a while, again. This last week was quite a mess. I turned twenty-six last Sunday and since then, everything went downhill. Not only I have found out about the inconvenient of studying while being older than 25, my younger brother, the light of my life and my very best friend, found out that he has a type 1 diabetes. What a shock it was, considering he is about to turn twenty-one next March. To my great surprise, today in my positive diary, I want to talk about medical care here, in Czech Republic.


When our mum died, I was so furious about the same system. After what felt like ages, during which my mum was told from various doctors that she is totally okay and if she feels bad, it is probably because she fakes it, she was hospitalized and two months later, she passed away. I was fifteen then and I wasn’t able to understand how this could have happened. I was angry as I was never before. Since then, I always considered your days over once the medical system gets you. I am much older now and, not only based on our latest experience, I have to admit that even here it depends on the people you encounter on your journey, as almost in every case in one’s life. (Also, our mum’s disease was quite rare.)


Visits at hospital can be harsh. I know it myself from the visits of my grandpa, as he was fighting a lung cancer, and I know it from the look on faces of my grandparents, as they were coming home from the hospital in the final stage of my mum’s disease. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised, as everyone – nurses, doctors, nuns, and other nursing stuff – was always smiling at us, always eager to explain what bothered us, always happy to answer the dumbest questions of ours.


Therefore, today I want to say how grateful I am that my brother was so lucky. I am also grateful that he discovered this freaking disease early enough and thus, there was less space left for the disease to start mess with his body in a hard way. I am so proud and so happy I have my wonderful brother and also satisfied I was able to be with him during those crazy days. (And to freak out about it, just a little bit. O:) )



Take care until the next time!

With love


Wicked And Clever



Krkonoše Treetop Trail: Trip to an Extraordinary Lookout Tower

In a new video I posted today on YouTube, you can see one of our summer trips during our vacation in Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic. I have to say that the lady at the ticket office seemed to be quite strict when she didn’t allow us to take a small chihuahua in a bag with us and that made my stay there tiny bitter. And as you will learn in the video, I honestly expected little bit more than what we’ve got, basically because there were so many people talking about this new popular kind of lookout towers.



But I don’t want to be only negative for sure. There are plenty reasons why you might want to visit the place as we did. Firstly, the building and its structure is very unusual and in a playful mood you can find yourself enjoying just the way it all works together. The informational stops are definitely interesting and even though they are not thorough or packed with knowledge, they plant a seed of a doubt and start to question the way we usually think about forests and wood. There is also hidden world of soil and roots at the basement of the tower itself and even here you can find and learn many new interesting things.


The tower is open every day except on the 24thDecember, therefore you can visit the place at any time you will. Like I said at the beginning, the place isn’t very pet friendly, so you might want to leave you dogs at home. It could destroy the whole trip as one of you would have to wait outside with the dog. The easiest way to get to the tower, which is situated in Janské Lázně town, is by a car. You can also go by a bus but you will have to change to another bus at least once during the three hour way from Prague.


While being in Krkonoše, especially when you are not a ski lover or when you are visiting during the summer, the treetop trail is one of the most attractive places to visit, despite the high entrance prices. I believe that if you won’t follow the hype around it and if you will leave your pets at home, it can be a decent experience.


Have you already been there? Are you planning to go?


Let me know what your opinion is and have a great time!


Hidden Cities of Bohemia: Chrudim

0BB959F8-EAA1-4466-9398-8A0DEF1A21FBThose who travel to Czech Republic are usually mostly attracted by places like the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the city of Český Krumlov or maybe the Karlštejn Castle. If you have more than just a few days to stay when visiting Czech Republic, there are many other places you should give a try. Today I want to talk about lovely city called Chrudim about an hour and a half away from Prague.


The city of Chrudim is located in the Eastern Bohemia, just a few kilometers away from the county town Pardubice. You can get there by a car using the highway which connects Prague and Hradec Králové, another county town of the region, or you can certainly take a train from the Prague’s Main Station which sounds much more adventurous and romantic. The city offers plenty of restaurants and also a shop with healthy food in case you’d forget your tofu spreads at home as I did when we visited the city.


The Heart of the City

Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Resselovo náměstíYou can start your excursion of the city on the main square called Resselovo náměstí which was named after the inventor of a screw propeller and Austrian forester Josef Ressel, who was actually born in Chrudim in 1793. The main eye-catcher of the square is Chrudim’s Church of Assumption built in neo gothic style and you won’t probably miss a baroque plague column standing opposite the church, right in the middle of the square.

There is plenty to see if you are interested in architecture and history. But there is no need to worry even when you are not. Actually, there is much more to see if you are interested in a city nature, parks and cooperation between people and the nature in the city.


The Green Centre

Náhon, ChrudimIn fact, Chrudim is one of the cities which were able to use money from grants and subsidies to became more pleasant place to live in. Since 2001, Chrudim is involved in the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and thanks to that the city was able to rejuvenate its old water raceway.

The system is powered by water from Chrudimka river and was built probably during the 15thcentury. The system used to serve as an energy and water source for people living in the city. During the 20thcentury however many of the raceways were backfilled with dirt or changed into dead ends. The restoration started on the beginning of this millennium and since that the raceway and its surroundings has been transformed into lovely chilly place where you can take a rest, a walk or a run, not to mention your kids will love it here.

Rybí přechod, náhon, ChrudimThe walk along the revitalized water raceway will take you towards an unbelievably and unexpectedly romantic adventure and you might find yourself wondering whether you are still in the Czech Republic. It will take you alongside the medieval city walls which are now occupied by tiny charming gardens and you can see from below some of the other historic sights of the city.


Metamorphosis and More

One of the places where you can finish your trip through Chrudim is the Museum of Baroque Sculptures, which is located in the former church of saint Joseph. The church was built for the order of Capuchins but monks had to abandon the place in 1948. The building was restored by the city to serve as a place of meetings for local citizens, as the center of cultural life and also as a place where special venues can take place, for example weddings.

Chrudim, náhon, náměstí U VodárnyOur trip ended just right there but Chrudim can offer even more. Among all other places where you can do various sport activities the city’s recreational forests with a rope center to entertain young climbers and their parents as well was the one that caught my attention. And while being there you can also visit lookout tower called Bára, which was shortly after the opening destroyed by a tornado but the city managed to take care of it and now you can just relax there and enjoy the view over the region.



So, what do you think? Will you give Chrudim a try? Or have you already been there? Let me know in the comment section!


Take care and see you next time!