Back then

Back then
when life seemed to be easy,
I dreamt about you,
not even knowing
if you are at least possible.

Back then
when days were filled with the sweet unknowing,
I used to feel your soul
touching mine
during these sleepless nights,
when world behind those fences
seemed so much brighter
than the one of mine.

Back then
when everything felt settled,
you used to wonder about world
that blossoms beneath the surface
and welcomes you
with the warmest warmth.
With the kindness.
With that never relenting,
timeless love.

Back then
when our lives weren’t intertwined,
I didn’t wish for anything else
then to find you.
Then to know
that someone like you exists…
And today – I know.
And life seems almost unbearable.
The knowing you are there,
so close and so distant at the same time.
Within my arm’s reach and yet
so unattainable…

If I sit outside the glass house
and I lift my gaze up to see the stars,
I must wonder –
are you sitting over there, there,
on your side of the universe,
and gazing back towards me?

I know the answer, Little Prince.
And I miss you.

Perfect Spots in Prague: Vítkov Hill

When you visit Prague for the first time and you usually have only limited time, the schedule is somehow very easy to figure out. There is the Charles’ Bridge and astronomical clock to see, trdlovník or svíčková to taste and beer or Becherovka to get drunk with. No problem with that, it just works like that when it comes to fast traveling.

But! For those moments when you have more free time to spare, when you are slow traveling or when you move to the city in order to live and work here, you will discover there is much more to see. And that these places are way better than classical crowded touristy spots.

Perfect Spots in Prague: Vítkov Hill

National Memorial on Vítkov Hill and the giant statue of Jan Žižka standing right in front of it are visible and recognizable from various different corners of Prague. I remember it was always one of the points of orientation while maneuvering throughout the city, even when I was a kid and later, in my teenage years. Especially, when we were coming home from faraway places, I knew, when I saw the statue and the hill, I was close.

It was many years after that, when I first started to see the place as a perfect venue for meeting my friends and family. As a place where you can just chill, hang out and forget about the buzzing life you left down there, under the hill. Because almost all roads lead to Vítkov, it is easily accessible from various different quarters: from Karlín via stairs starting on Invalidovna or via the tunnel coming right through the hill from near the Karlínské náměstí; from Žižkov by just walking or from the city center via the secret shortcut between train stations Masarykovo and Hlavní nádraží connected to a cycleway and, you guessed it, some other stairs.

You can tell a lot from this description – first of all, you get pretty sweaty while reaching the top of the hill, especially during the long hot summer days. It is fun to see how your physical fitness is slowly declining as you spend more and more hours in the office. But that is also a good reason not to skip this trip! But secondly, the view from the top is just spectacular. I cannot just have enough of it. Because the place is visible from many spots in Prague, you can see almost the entire Prague from up here as well. That is quite logical, right? And it is definitely worth all the effort.

There is a lovely park behind the monument with many benches to sit on and it is also a favorite place for many sportsmen and sportswomen – for jogging and training under the open sky. What I personally love the most is to sit on the low wall surrounding the monument, observe everyone and everything and the whole city along all of it and chat with any of the precious beings I know.

Vítkov is basically one of the last places in Prague that were able to defend its charms, place that is quiet, peaceful and adorable and what is more, you can see the city you love from up here in its whole beauty. So please, while visiting, try to hold on to it and enjoy it. Staying humble while facing the greatness such as this one is also a part of the experience.

Perfect Spots in Prague: Kasárna Karlín

When you visit Prague for the first time and you usually have only limited time, the schedule is somehow very easy to figure out. There is the Charles’ Bridge and astronomical clock to see, trdlovník or svíčková to taste and beer or Becherovka to get drunk with. No problem with that, it just works like that when it comes to fast traveling.

But! For those moments when you have more free time to spare, when you are slow traveling or when you move to the city in order to live and work here, you will discover there is much more to see. And that these places are way better than classical crowded touristy spots.


Perfect Spots in Prague: Kasárna Karlín

Kasárna Karlín is a place which I have been thinking about for a while now, but I got to the visiting of the spot just recently. As I was starting my new life, I went to grab a beer with my new colleagues from my new job. Kasárna Karlín are basically former barracks situated near Florenc metro station in Prague 8. The place has some wibbly wobbly bewitched history with attempted privatization in the recent years. All you need to know though, is that so far, the whole building has been temporarily rented to a group of artists who promised to transform this forgotten yet remarkable place into a venue for cultural events and spot for people to meet in an informal atmosphere. And this promise was fulfilled on a 1000%!

Not only there is a plenty of tiny bars and businesses where you can taste lots of different and unusual kinds of beer and drinks, they also have draught cider (which is still not very common in Czech Republic). But there is also a volleyball field and many interesting cultural events take place here as well, such as open-air cinema, slam poetry events, public debates, yoga fest and much more.

If you are here to taste the mood of Prague or if you are working the whole day and you want to chill within the picturesque scenery of a remarkable classicist building with interesting history and strong genius loci, Kasárna Karlín is one of the places you should definitely not skip.

Krkonoše Treetop Trail: Trip to an Extraordinary Lookout Tower

In a new video I posted today on YouTube, you can see one of our summer trips during our vacation in Krkonoše Mountains, Czech Republic. I have to say that the lady at the ticket office seemed to be quite strict when she didn’t allow us to take a small chihuahua in a bag with us and that made my stay there tiny bitter. And as you will learn in the video, I honestly expected little bit more than what we’ve got, basically because there were so many people talking about this new popular kind of lookout towers.



But I don’t want to be only negative for sure. There are plenty reasons why you might want to visit the place as we did. Firstly, the building and its structure is very unusual and in a playful mood you can find yourself enjoying just the way it all works together. The informational stops are definitely interesting and even though they are not thorough or packed with knowledge, they plant a seed of a doubt and start to question the way we usually think about forests and wood. There is also hidden world of soil and roots at the basement of the tower itself and even here you can find and learn many new interesting things.


The tower is open every day except on the 24thDecember, therefore you can visit the place at any time you will. Like I said at the beginning, the place isn’t very pet friendly, so you might want to leave you dogs at home. It could destroy the whole trip as one of you would have to wait outside with the dog. The easiest way to get to the tower, which is situated in Janské Lázně town, is by a car. You can also go by a bus but you will have to change to another bus at least once during the three hour way from Prague.


While being in Krkonoše, especially when you are not a ski lover or when you are visiting during the summer, the treetop trail is one of the most attractive places to visit, despite the high entrance prices. I believe that if you won’t follow the hype around it and if you will leave your pets at home, it can be a decent experience.


Have you already been there? Are you planning to go?


Let me know what your opinion is and have a great time!


The Positive Diary #6 – Gratitude for the daily life

1st October 2018 and the week after – Dear Diary, it has been already few days since you heard from me last time. The reason is simple – I was out of office for several days with my master program. And how the story went, it made me realize how terribly grateful I am for the luxury of my own comfortable and fulfilled life.


The first hint – when we lost our signals on our phones. We felt little bit uncomfortable because we knew all of us has someone home who wishes to know that the traffic was okay, and we made it to the camp safely. Fortunately, our friend with his car was there too so he was able to drive us to find the lost signal, at least to let people know we arrived in one piece. Social media and other fun were out of business for that time as well but that is not always a bad thing, right?


The second hint – when we saw our accommodation. It was this ugly filthy small shack with several beds and a draught. Given that the night temperatures were forecast to be around zero, I was little bit scared every evening and wondered if I will make it through the night. I have to admit my sleeping bag wasn’t in a good condition and I truly underestimated how cold nights could actually be there.


And the third hint – when few of our classmates started to be sick with gastric flu. Not only there was no signal and no place to take a rest, no one wanted to be infected because our day trips on this particular outside block class are sometimes very challenging and there is no way you could use a bathroom when you are sick. You can’t simply because you are all day long outside in a terrain.


This made me feel incredibly grateful for what I have in my daily life. Just the option of taking a nap in a nicely warm room, hidden in your blanket and cuddling with your dogs, is a pure happiness. Being able to connect with people is also very convenient and I would say once you get used to it there is no way back.


So today I wanted to say how grateful I was this whole week for what I have in my life. I know there are so many people out there – no matter if I’m talking about our society or people outside of it – who aren’t that lucky. I have a roof over my head, I have a warm bed with two living and breathing heaters in a form of chihuahuas, I am on my path to fulfill my dreams and I am surrounded mostly by people who makes me stronger and prouder of who I am. I have everything that matters.



I wish you to have the most amazing weekend!



With love,

Wicked And Clever




Hidden Cities of Bohemia: Chrudim

0BB959F8-EAA1-4466-9398-8A0DEF1A21FBThose who travel to Czech Republic are usually mostly attracted by places like the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the city of Český Krumlov or maybe the Karlštejn Castle. If you have more than just a few days to stay when visiting Czech Republic, there are many other places you should give a try. Today I want to talk about lovely city called Chrudim about an hour and a half away from Prague.


The city of Chrudim is located in the Eastern Bohemia, just a few kilometers away from the county town Pardubice. You can get there by a car using the highway which connects Prague and Hradec Králové, another county town of the region, or you can certainly take a train from the Prague’s Main Station which sounds much more adventurous and romantic. The city offers plenty of restaurants and also a shop with healthy food in case you’d forget your tofu spreads at home as I did when we visited the city.


The Heart of the City

Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Resselovo náměstíYou can start your excursion of the city on the main square called Resselovo náměstí which was named after the inventor of a screw propeller and Austrian forester Josef Ressel, who was actually born in Chrudim in 1793. The main eye-catcher of the square is Chrudim’s Church of Assumption built in neo gothic style and you won’t probably miss a baroque plague column standing opposite the church, right in the middle of the square.

There is plenty to see if you are interested in architecture and history. But there is no need to worry even when you are not. Actually, there is much more to see if you are interested in a city nature, parks and cooperation between people and the nature in the city.


The Green Centre

Náhon, ChrudimIn fact, Chrudim is one of the cities which were able to use money from grants and subsidies to became more pleasant place to live in. Since 2001, Chrudim is involved in the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and thanks to that the city was able to rejuvenate its old water raceway.

The system is powered by water from Chrudimka river and was built probably during the 15thcentury. The system used to serve as an energy and water source for people living in the city. During the 20thcentury however many of the raceways were backfilled with dirt or changed into dead ends. The restoration started on the beginning of this millennium and since that the raceway and its surroundings has been transformed into lovely chilly place where you can take a rest, a walk or a run, not to mention your kids will love it here.

Rybí přechod, náhon, ChrudimThe walk along the revitalized water raceway will take you towards an unbelievably and unexpectedly romantic adventure and you might find yourself wondering whether you are still in the Czech Republic. It will take you alongside the medieval city walls which are now occupied by tiny charming gardens and you can see from below some of the other historic sights of the city.


Metamorphosis and More

One of the places where you can finish your trip through Chrudim is the Museum of Baroque Sculptures, which is located in the former church of saint Joseph. The church was built for the order of Capuchins but monks had to abandon the place in 1948. The building was restored by the city to serve as a place of meetings for local citizens, as the center of cultural life and also as a place where special venues can take place, for example weddings.

Chrudim, náhon, náměstí U VodárnyOur trip ended just right there but Chrudim can offer even more. Among all other places where you can do various sport activities the city’s recreational forests with a rope center to entertain young climbers and their parents as well was the one that caught my attention. And while being there you can also visit lookout tower called Bára, which was shortly after the opening destroyed by a tornado but the city managed to take care of it and now you can just relax there and enjoy the view over the region.



So, what do you think? Will you give Chrudim a try? Or have you already been there? Let me know in the comment section!


Take care and see you next time!